Last issue:  14/09/2022

  1. Ownership 

The contents of this website (hereinafter referred to as “Site”), including all the photographic images contained therein, textual documents, drawings, graphics, softwares and any other material of any kind and nature present therein, are owned by Giuseppe Bodrone (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”).

The Owner of the Site is protected by law.

  1. Applicable regulations

All the contents published or available on the Site, in particular the photographic images, including their selection and organization as well as the layout and design of the website, are protected by the Italian law on Copyright (Law 22/4/1941, n . 633, as amended by Legislative Decree. 29/12/1992 n. 518, on the legal protection of software, and subsequent amendments) and by other national and international regulations on the protection of intellectual and industrial property, their amendments and additions, in particular by the licenses Creative Commons 4.0 (CC).

  1. Authorizations

The Owner authorizes all Users to use the Site. In particular, he authorizes Users to view the photographic images contained therein and only Users in possession of a Password to view the photographic images contained in folders with protected access, as well as to use the online procedure available on the Site for the purchase of photographic images. For all details relating to the processing of the data collected by the Site and, in particular, to the photographic images published on the Site, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

The authorization to use the Site, including the use of the purchasing procedure, is explicitly subject to the recognition and compliance by the Users of any prescription relating to the Copyright or other protective right of the Site contents.

  1. Copyright

The Owner holds all copyrights on any content on the Site, in particular on the photographic images published on the Site. The Owner does not transmit any rights to any content on the Site, in particular on the photographic images purchased by Users on which the Owner maintains any Copyright.

It is forbidden to reproduce, copy, store the contents of the Site, in particular the photographic images available on the Site, as well as the design of the Site itself, in any form and by any means (electronic, mechanical, telematic, IT), unless previous and specific written authorization from the Owner.

In accordance with the provisions of the Creative Common 4.0 licenses (CC BY-NC-ND), for the photographic images purchased by the Users and, in general, for the contents of the Site if the Owner grants the prior written authorization referred to above, it is however OBLIGATION FOR USERS to:

  • keep the Author’s credits visible on each photographic image regardless of the context in which the photographic images are used (prints, social networks, websites, etc.)
  • do not use the photographic images for commercial purposes
  • not to modify or rework the photographic images by any means.


  1. Protection of logos

The logos “jphotos“, ““, “jundl PHOTOGRAPHY“, “jundl”  and any other distinctive signs, indicated and used on this Site and on the photographic images contained therein, are the exclusive property of the Owner.

No use of these logos or signs is allowed without the prior written authorization of the Owner.

  1. Ownership of rights

The ownership and relevance of this Site is exclusively of the Owner, who has obtained the assignment of the internet domain name according to the methods and procedures in force at the time of the assignment request.

It is therefore FORBIDDEN:

  • modification of the Site or any of its contents or methods of access;
  • behaviors that constitute a crime under current regulations (for example the so-called computer crimes, such as the violation of the computer home);
  • conduct intended to divide parts or sections of this Site and / or to incorporate them in other sites of third parties, to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload from the program, make public, transmit or distribute the content in any way, in any way or in part, including codes and software without the prior consent of the Data Controller in violation of these conditions;
  • the attempt to access the reserved areas of the website without an authorization profile (Password);
  • the upload of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disturbing characteristics such as, for example, viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (such as images in which audio files are integrated) capable of disturbing the integrity or functionality or online communication of the website;
  • in general, the use that causes or may cause damage, interruption or limitation of this website or its services;
  • the unauthorized collection, through the website, of personal information on third parties present on the Site.