Terms and Conditions

Last release:  14/09/2022

  1. General provisions

The site https://jphotos.it/ (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) owned by Giuseppe Bodrone (hereinafter referred to as “Photographer”) makes available to interested Users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) photographic images and videos made by the Photographer to subjects (mainly ice skaters) on the occasion of national and international public events (competitions, exhibitions, etc.).

The photographic images and videos contained on the Site can be viewed and purchased by Users in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. The User is required to read these Terms and Conditions before proceeding with the purchase.


The Photographer has the right to modify, at any time and unilaterally, these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

  1. Purchase
  • Purchasing procedure

Users must register on the site at the first purchase.

The EVENTS section of the Site contains photo galleries of events that can be identified by means of their playbill. Each gallery collects photographic previews of the athletes/teams participating in the event (typically one or two photos for each athlete/team).

These galleries normally have an open access.

The ATHLETES and TEAMS sections of the Site contain personal folders (one for each athlete/team) named with the athlete’s/team’s name. Each folder collects the photo galleries (one for each event) with the photos of that specific athlete/team at the various events. These galleries may also contain video previews relating to that athlete/team.

These galleries are password-protected and can only be accessed via a personal password provided by the Photographer.

The User who intends to purchase digital photographs or videos contained in the aforementioned sections can act independently by using the online purchasing procedure, which is an integral part of the Site.

The purchasing procedure schematically involves the following steps:

  • selection of photos/videos to be purchased by clicking on the respective thumbnails (selected photos and videos will be added to the cart),
  • online payment using the Site procedure,
  • automatic sending of the purchased photos/videos.

The contents of the cart and the total amount can be checked at any time by clicking on the cart icon. It is possible to remove products from the cart by clicking on the appropriate icon next to each product.

The link with the digital photos and videos purchased is automatically sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User and are included in the personal download area of the Site just after the payment made by the User has been confirmed.

Once it has been sent, the link must be downloaded within 6 days; after this deadline the link expires and the content can no longer be downloaded. In this case, the User must contact the Photographer, who will send the link again using softwares like WeTransfer.

The photographs that can be viewed from the Site are protected against unauthorized reproduction by means of an integrated watermark, while the purchased photos are sent without watermark.

  • Payment

Payment for photos and videos must be made online through the purchasing procedure.

It is possible to use various online payment systems (credit card by Stripe, Satispay, bank transfer) at the User’s choice.

In order to proceed with the payment, the User must first read these Terms and Conditions and pop a flag for acceptance.

When a purchase is done, the system automatically sends a confirmation message to the e-mail address indicated by the User, as well as the notification of payment.

Upon request, the payment receipt will be sent to the User.

  • Prices

The price list of photos and videos can be consulted by clicking the “PRICE INFO” button in the purchase procedure. Special prices for photo and video packages are available, more affordable as the number of selected products grows. The procedure automatically manages the formation of the total price according to the number of photographs and videos inserted into the cart.

The price list is defined unilaterally by the Photographer and it is considered as accepted by the User when he makes the payment. Therefore we do not accept disputes on the price after payment.

The Photographer has the right to change the price list at any time, without notice.

  1. Requirements for the use of the Site

Browsing the Site is allowed to any User.

The view of photos and videos contained in the galleries of the ATHLETES and TEAMS sections is allowed only to Users provided with the password by the Photographer.

In the event that the subjects portrayed are minors, the purchase of photos/videos is allowed only to the minor’s parents or to persons acting as parents. When a parent contacts the Photographer asking photos/videos, he must qualify as such, assuming all responsibility for what he declares. The Photographer declines any responsibility in case of false declarations.

  1. Privacy

The processing of Users’ data collected through the Site and of the photographic images published on the Site is described in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy pages, which Users are invited to read.

  1. Copyright

The Site and all its contents are the property of the Photographer who holds all rights.

The measures and regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property are indicated on the Copyright and Applicable Regulations page, which Users are invited to read.

  1. Owner’s references

Giuseppe Bodrone (jphotos by jundl PHOTOGRAPHY)

Postal address: via Nichelino, 14 – 10135 Torino, Italia

Fiscal code: BDRGPP57S01L219B

E-mail address: info@jphotos.it

Phone: +39 349 5865050